Internet Resources

This webpage contains links to websites that I have found to be helpful in my teaching.

Educational Internet Searchs
Library in the Sky: A database of interesting and useful education websites

NSDL: National Science Digital Library

Brain POP: A site that presents topics of all subjects for grades k-8 with an engaging, enlightening, and entertaining view of a given subject


Other Tools on the Internet
Project Based Learning (PBL): Customize age-appropriate checklists to lead students through projects. The checklists are in English and Spanish!
Text to Speach: Interactive multi-lingual demo from AT&T labs-research


Classroom Exchange
Epals: Collaborative technology for classroom-to-classroom projects and cross-cultural learning







Free Internet Tools
QuizStar: A free web-based program developed as a resource to help educators create quizzes for students to take and review online.
FunBrain: Another place to make a quiz or game
Discovery Channel Teaching Tools: An array of powerful tools that help teachers create their own materials. Includes puzzlemaker (crossword puzzles, math squares, word searches, and more), quiz center, lesson planner, and worksheet generator.
Students' May 27, 2014 and activities, and other good stuff.


Lesson Preparation Resources
Brain Betty: Collection of teacher oriented PowerPoint presentation templates to download and use.
Teacher's Domain: classroom-ready multimedia resources for use in lessons


Free Tools for Designing Webpages
Mediabuilder: Everything including online tools to make 3D banners, animated banners, gif converters, fonts,backgrounds, rules.....etc.
Icon Bazaar: More graphics, backgrounds, etc.
Kaleidescape: The best backgrounds




Last updated on May 27, 2014 2002