Classroom Management

This webpage contains helpful links to managing the classroom.

Organizing the Classroom
The Physical Environment: Organizing the physical environment of your classroom.
One room, many uses: Designing a classroom to suit multiple instructional methods.
Working with available space: Organizing a limited space classroom.
Bulletin boards and other displays: Making effective use of bulletin boards and black/white boards.
Seating Arrangements: Do seating arrangements and assignments = classroom management?


Classroom Behavior

Classroom Management ppt presentation: The ABCs and 123s of classroom management PowerPoint presentation.

Teaching Styles ppt presentation: PowerPoint presentation explaining types of teaching styles.

Positive Behavior ppt Presentation: Strategies for great classroom management PowerPoint presentation.



Science Safety, Making the Connection : Answers common questions including leagal responsibilities and safety checklist.

Safety ppt Presentation: PowerPoint presentation on safety in the science classroom.

Investigating Safely: Book of practical information about how to be safe in the science classroom.







Lesson Planning

Constructivist Learning Cycle: Explanation of the four step constructist learning cycle

The Lesson Plan Page: 10 Steps to developing a quality lesson plan


Teaching Strategies
Instructional Strategies Online: This site provides a listing of teaching strategies and methods. Each strategy is linked to a consice explanation
Teaching strategies: Overview of many strategies with a list of benefits and an explanation of alignment to ESOL strategy.
EEEPS: An inquiry approach to teaching using Exciting Examples of Everyday Phenomena


Inclusion Strategies
Including Students with disabilities: This site presents accomodation and inclusive strategies for students with disabilities.




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