This webpage contains a variety of information to assist teachers with assessing student learning.

Education Standards
North Carolina Standard Course of Study (NCSCS): The North Carolina Performance Standards.
Georgia Performance Standards (GPS): The Georgia Performance Standards.
National Science Education Standards (NSES): The National Science Education Standards.
Project 2061- Benchmarks: Project 2061 benchmarks

Project 2061- Science for all Americans : Book about science literacy


Backward Design

Authentic Assessment by Grant Wiggins

UbD Exchange: cooperative Web site devoted to the development and peer review of curriculum units.


Developing Essential Questions
Writing Essential Questions: Lesson effectiveness depends on the quality of essential questions.
Essential Questions Toolkit: Provides an understanding of essential questions.


Alternative Assessment

Portfolios: Portfolio Implementation Guide (PIG)

Fuzzy Situations: Visit this web page to learn about an alternative to the essay question in science.


Formative Assessment

Exit Ticket and 3, 2, 1 : Visit this web page to learn about the "Ticket - Out - the - Door" type of formative assessment.








Assessment Definitions and Strategies

Defining Assessment

Assessment Strategies: Large collection of a variety of sample assessment tasks includes illustrations.

Authentic Assessment:Article on authentic tasks

Types of Assessment: Explanation of types of student assessments


Getting Started with Rubrics
Rubric- Why did you give me this grade?: Brief explanation of rubrics.
Designing Scoring Rubrics for Your Classroom
Scoring Rubrics: What, When and How?

Rubric Guidelines: Guidelines for developing a rubric.

Ruminating on Rubrics: A short article explaining rubrics.


Rubric Examples
Examples of Rubrics: An assortment of rubrics created by teachers for the University of Wisconsin-Stout.
Kathy Schrock's rubric links: A wonderful collection of rubric related links.
RPSB Rubrics: Examples of a variety of subject and content rubrics in word.


Free Tools to Design Assessment Rubrics
Rubistar: A tool to help the teacher who wants to use rubrics but does not have the time to develop them from scratch.
Teach-nology Rubric Maker: Provides a rubric generator that makes an instant grading rubric which can be printed and saved.
Rubric Builder
Scoring Guide for Student Projects: The Scoring Guide for Student Products was created to evaluate the content knowledge and the effective use of technology in communicating ideas and information that is evident in the products that students create with computers.




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