Engaging Science

This webpage contains links to science resources to assist with engaging students to learn science.


Science Webquests

The Secrets Earthquake's Tell: A webquest unit on earthquakes

Virtual Zoo: Engage students in learning science topics related to zoo animals. Each zoo exhibit is aligned to science standards.

A Journey Through Time: A webquest on fossils and the history of Earth

Interactive Internet Lesson Plans: Three years of graduate student interactive lessons.

Musical Plates: Uses real time earthquake data and volcanic activity to learn plate tectonics.

Grades 6-8 Webquests: A listing of science webquests

Grades 9-12 Webquests: A listing of science webquests

Science Misconceptions Websties

Bad Science: Examples of bad science often perpetuating misconceptions

101 Alternate Conceptions: List of common misunderstandings of children organized by age level
Children's Ideas in Science: Lists of misconceptions that children (and many adults) are known to have
Children's Misconceptions about Science: Lists children's misconceptions about science

Engaging Students in Reading Science

NY Times Lessons: lesson plan ideas that utilize NY Times articles

Science Daily: An online magazine with the latest science news.



On-line Science Units
Case Online: collection of inquiry-based lessons to engage students in exploring the science behind real-world problems
Ships Resource Center: Historical case studies are great windows into nature of science topics. They motivate students adn help them interpret the science they encounter in public policy and personal decision-making.
Case Studies in Science : Collection of cases organized by subject provided by the national center for case study teaching in science.

Science Interactive: Web interactive lessons on all topics arragned according to the National Standards

Virtual Courseware: Virtual courseware for Earth and environmental sciences

EXCITE: CDC site containing epidemiology lessons
Seismic Sleuths : Download a 5 unit teachers package for 7th to 12th grade focusing on earthquakes and structural engineering.
Earthquake: Virtual earthquake courseware

Science Activities and Demos to use with Lessons
Savage Earth Earthquake: PBS online earthquake website
Life Along the Faultline: Exploratorium multimedia resources on earthquakes
Tryit Tectonics: PBS Interactive plate tectonic activities

Annenberg Media Exhibits : Annenberg/CPB Learner.org site provides interactive extensions of concepts and themes.

Mad Scientist Lab : Experiments/Demo ideas.

Exploratorium: Hands-on Activities

Science Toys: Science toys that can be made during class or at home, often in only a few minutes, that demonstrate fascinating scientific principles
Science Experiments: Easy science experiments with a new twist or an updated variation of an old scientific principle.


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