Golden Lion Tamarin
Order: Primates
Family: Callitrichicae

What do golden lion tamarins look like?
Golden lion tamarins are 34 to 40 cm long, have a 26 to 38 cm long tail, and weight between 630 and 710 grams. They are golden orange in color, with very long, narrow hands, extremely long fingers, and clawed digits on their hands and feet. They have a shaggy, lion-like mane surrounding the face. There is no physical difference between males and females.

Where in the world can you find golden lion tamarins?
Golden lion tamarins are found in Brazil living in the Atlantic coastal rain forest. They usually inhabit trees at heights of 3 to 10 inches.

How do golden lion tamarins move?
Golden lion tamarins can leap vertically from tree to tree or they can walk on all four appendages.

What do golden lion tamarins eat?
Insects account for 30% of their diet, fruit makes up 55%, and small animal prey is about 15%. Sometimes they find food in tree branches or finds. They forage in clumps of dead leaves, holes, and crevices in branches and tree trunks by squatting, moving the food around with their long hands.

How do golden lion tamarins behave in the wild?
Wild golden lion tamarins spend a third of their day traveling, almost half foraging and eating, and a fifth resting, socializing, or defending their territory.

Are golden lion tamarins endangered animals?
Golden lion tamarins are extremely endangered. They are the most endangered primate at the zoo. They were the first animals to be cooperatively managed in captivity, then introduced into the wild in an effort to preserve the species.

What is being done to save the golden lion tamarins?
To explore what zoo's are doing to increase the population of this species in the wild, click on the activity tab and learn about conservation efforts.

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